Two CdeB's : Collaboration between my niece Clara de B., 16yrs & myself...slightly older!
Photography, whether selphies or self portraits on social media especially Instagram, have become more 'intimate' and provocative storytelling. Women either doing repeated coquette poses or doing full nudity on feeds alongside pictures of their children. Men beginning to do similar. Whether social or so called art it is increasing.
Many young children, especially girls, have started copying these poses & feeling a need to remove clothes in order to fit in. There is a lot of talk amongst kids 12-25 that it is out of control so Clara & I decided to do a small survey of images & quotes as to what effect it had on teenagers & women in the street.
Four corners of London, & quotes from two continents. All nationalities & religions. No correlation between images & quotes other than meaning. Not a single person both in images & quotes turned down the opportunity to affect change on this subject. All identities have been protected.
To all the wonderful kids that took part in this ...Thank you.
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The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
Oscar Wilde